Review : Swiftech MCX462-U P4 HSF

Posted on Tuesday, October 29 2002 @ 17:09 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
ReviewNation has reviewed Swiftech's MCX462-U P4 HSF :
First thing I noticed about this heat sink is that it is made in the USA unlike most of the others I have reviewed. And the second thing I saw was there was no clip on this heat sink to attach it to the motherboard Ziff Tabs. Swifteh was founded in 1994 by Gabriel and is an industry leader in active coolers. They make a lot of different heat sinks including some for Pentium 4's and also for AMD Xp's. They also sell water cooling kits for you hard core over clocker's out there. But in this review we are going to be running the MCX462-U through our usual tests to see how well it cools the Pentium 4 CPU. Shall we have a closer look at it and then get to the results...

Review Link : ReviewNation

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