Hynix develops 512Mbit DDR using 0.10-micron technology

Posted on Wednesday, October 30 2002 @ 14:37 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Hynix Semiconductor announced that it has successfully developed 512Mbit DDR using 0.10-micron technology, reported the Korea Economic Daily.

According to the company, it saved 50% of the cost of upgrading to 0.10-micron technology by using existing equipment and has been able to increase output by more than 40% from the previous upgrade.

After producing 512Mbit using the 0.10-micron node by year-end, Hynix plans to enter 256Mbit DDR and 1Gbit DDR production using this technology.

This “Golden Chip” project, moving the company to 0.10-micron technology, succeeds the Blue Chip (upgrading from 0.18- to 0.15-micron) and Prime Chip projects (upgrading from 0.15- to 0.13-micron
Source : DigiTimes

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