Windows Vista features Restart Manager

Posted on Saturday, December 03 2005 @ 2:48 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Microsoft stated it is working on a significant new feature for Windows Vista called Restart Manager. This feature is designed to update parts of the operating system or applications without having to reboot the entire computer system.
Microsoft officials have not talked much publicly about this new feature, but Jim Allchin, the co-president of Microsoft's platform products and services division, recently told eWEEK that this is an example of just how important the reboot issue was to the Redmond-based software giant.

"If a part of an application, or the operating system itself, needs to updated, the Installer will call the Restart Manager, which looks to see if it can clear that part of the system so that it can be updated. If it can do that, it does, and that happens without a reboot," he said.
Read on over here to learn more about Restart Manager.

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