My space is your space:

Posted on Saturday, December 10 2005 @ 21:28 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
The TechZone looks at the amazing growth of and what selling to News corp. could mean.

You know, I've been writing articles on the Internet for over 2 years now and it never seems to amaze me how slow I am to pick up on new phenomena that keep springing up on the World Wide Web. Just as I hear about some really cool website/web concept, I am then told about a new one that everyone else already knows about. Well, this time I feel like a total recluse. I've been walking around in my own head-space not realizing that one of the most popular sites in the world, is where much of the human community is getting together to share 'space', or if you want to look at it another way, to share life.. Read on over here.

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