ATI X1000 (X1K) Series Video Card Roundup

Posted on Monday, December 19 2005 @ 22:15 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Today LR is taking a look at the latest and greatest video cards that ATI has to offer. They benchmark five of today's most played games and give you the results to see what card performs at your desired level of performance. They also toss in some nVidia GeForce 6 and GeForce 7 series cards to give you the big picture. Read on to see which ATI card fits your budget and needs.

The entry level X1300 Pro proved itself to be a very good videocard for less than $150. When you consider the hardware requirements for Microsoft's upcoming Windows Vista operating system going with a non-integrated graphics solution is mandatory in my book. It is also nice of ATI to allow the X1300's be run in Crossfire mode (two cards at once) without a master card. This gives entry level consumers the option of adding in another card and having plug-in-play Crossfire performance without the need of dongles.. Read on over at Legit Reviews.

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