Microsoft unveils new Windows Vista build

Posted on Thursday, December 22 2005 @ 0:41 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Earlier this week Microsoft presented a new community technology preview od Windows Vista which includes new security feaures. Here's a short look at some of the new features:
  • New parental controls, such as the ability to limit the time a child can use a PC.
  • The ability to use a USB drive to add memory to a PC, giving it more space to keep programs and data for quick access by the central processor.
  • Updated versions of Microsoft's Windows Media Player software for playing media files and Windows Media Center software for accessing media via remote control in a living room. Microsoft promises more details on both at the Consumer Electronics Show next month.
  • The ability to turn a computer off or put it to sleep by pushing one button, as with a TV or consumer electronics device.
  • Security improvements, including a new version of Microsoft's anti-spyware program, now called Windows Defender.
  • New visual touches, including a redesigned start menu and a new look for open windows, giving them more of the translucent appearance expected in the final Windows Vista version.
  • New encryption techniques to prevent unauthorized access to data on a stolen laptop.
  • More details over at Seattle PI.

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