Howto: FFDShow/AviSynth with Limited Sharpen

Posted on Saturday, December 24 2005 @ 5:15 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Here's a guide explaining how to use Limitedsharpen in combination with Avisynth in ffdshow to filter DVD playback in real-time.
After being urged by many in the Home Theatre PC community, I developed this site to make it easier for the novice & advanced user alike to use Avisynth in ffdshow. This site will show you how to make use of the Limitedsharpen script and other Avisynth plug-ins via ffdshow for filtering in real time playback of both DVD and Live TV and subsequently open doors of Avisynth for real-time use by HTPC users, and do it all for 100% free to boot!
There are three guides: one for DVD playback, another one for LiveTV and an advanced section with more tweaks, tips, ... You can check out the full guides over at HardwareXL

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