Howto use Kodak's EasyShare-One with Flickr

Posted on Wednesday, December 28 2005 @ 20:23 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Make:Zine has posted a howto on using the Kodak EasyShare-One Wi-Fi compatible camera with the online Flickr photo service:
The Kodak EasyShare-One is one of the first wi-fi (wireless) enabled digital cameras on the market. Take a photo, connect to a wireless hot spot, then transfer them or email them. Sounds good, right? Almost, except that you can't really email the photos--they're sent to Kodak's EasyShare Gallery and the link is sent to that gallery. I use Flickr for all my photos, so here's one (of many forthcoming) how-tos on using the Kodak wi-fi camera with Flickr and a Mac. It's simple and works for me. Now I can send my photos to Flickr from anywhere.
Read on over at Make.

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