A look at HTPCs

Posted on Thursday, December 29 2005 @ 22:28 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
ARS Technica takes a look at home theatre PCs.
With Windows Media Center Edition, a mainstream operating system finally makes the home theater PC (HTPC) for the masses a reality. In the past, there have been attempts at hacking together an HTPC-type device, with smaller companies offering solutions, but without widespread support and marketing, these efforts never successfully penetrated the mainstream. The first version of Windows Media Center Edition was available only with the purchase of a prebuilt HTPC system from an OEM. With the release of Windows Media Center Edition (MCE) 2005, enthusiasts can now put together their own dream HTPC. Update Rollup 2 for Windows MCE improves high-definition support for MCE, significantly expanding the versatility of HTPC setups into the future.
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