MacWorld 2006 - Steve Jobs's keynote

Posted on Tuesday, January 10 2006 @ 20:13:04 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Engadget has some extensive coverage of Steve Jobs's keynote at Mac World 2006 in San Francisco. A couple new things like an iPod remote/FM tuner were launched along with new Intel-based Macs but I'll cover those in other news posts within a couple of minutes.
1:10 PM - An Intel clean-room-suit guy walks out of a cloud of smog with a 12" silicon wafer and says, "Steve I want to report that Intel's ready. " Takes off his his helmet -- it's Paul Otellini Intel CEO.

1:10 PM - Steve: "Well, I can report that Apple's ready too"

1:11 PM - "We've worked nights, weekends to make this happen in record time. [to Paul] I want to thank you..."
You can find their article over here.