Apple iMac costs $898 to manufacture

Posted on Friday, January 20 2006 @ 1:09 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Research firm iSupply disassembled a $1,299 Intel Core Duo based iMac from Apple and estimates it costs Apple $898 to assemble the iMac before loading it with software and packing it in a box.
The most expensive component in the iMac is the Intel Core Duo processor. Apple's paying about $265 apiece for the chip, iSuppli estimates. "We made a conservative guess that Apple is getting a 10% discount on that chip," says Andrew Rassweiler, manager of iSuppli's teardown team. "But Apple is Apple. It's such a tough negotiator, that discount could be higher."
>br> Two other Intel-made chips, which sit between the Intel Core Duo and other systems in the computer, cost $14 and $31, respectively, iSuppli says. That makes Intel's total silicon content in the new machine worth about $310, or more than one-third of the cost of materials, using the researcher's estimates.
More details over at BusinessWeek.

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