Apple Intel-based systems only one fourth faster

Posted on Tuesday, January 24 2006 @ 0:32 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Register today posted the blunt truth about Apple's new x86 Intel-based systems. According to Apple to new Macs are four time faster but in reality this isn't true. The new Mac computers are faster but according to independent benchmarks it isn't four times faster but only a quarter faster than the G5 based Mac systems.
"Unfortunately, our tests suggest that the remarkable results of Apple's published tests aren't reflected in most of the real-world applications we tested. Based on our initial tests, the new Core-Duo-based iMac seems to be 10-20 per cent percent faster than its predecessor when it comes to native applications, with some select tasks showing improvement above and beyond that," writes Macworld's Jason Snell.

So at this stage, the empirical evidence suggests quite a different story to the "4x" improvement projected by the reality distortion field of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and quoted in Apple literature.
The Apple Rosetta emulation technology is also nothing to brag about, it seems. PPC applications running in x86 were on average fifty percent slower. More details over here here.

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