Game developer: It's easy to develop games for the PS3

Posted on Wednesday, January 25 2006 @ 21:19 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
A while ago we heard the Sony PlayStation 3 may have a price as high as $499 but now there's also some positive news, coming from the Kill Zone 2 development team.

They have been answering some questions about their upcoming PS3 title and say it's quite easy to develop games for the PS3 console:
And as for the PS2 vs PS3 development question. I was chatting to Michiel and he was telling me how crazy-easy it was compared to the PS2 and how much quicker things have been going for them. I will take his word on that.

Of course that quote went platinum, leading to the Lead Testers to say, “Stop quoting me people. All I know is that the guys are quite excited about working on it and have come further faster than when they started on KZ1.”
Source: Kotaku.

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