Neverwinter Nights Patch 1.22

Posted on Thursday, August 08 2002 @ 14:12 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
BioWare heeft een nieuwe patch uitgegeven voor Neverwinter Nights.
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  • Fixed Intellect Devourer not spawning in certain cross-version save games.
  • Fixed a bug where Skills on the character sheet weren't being displayed and were disabling certain skills.
  • Changed the error message for 'load module failed' to include the possibility that the module was created using a newer version of the resources/toolset.
  • Fixed a text color issue in the game server chat area.
  • Fixed a bug where you joining a server with no module loaded that could crash the game client in certain situations.
  • Fixed a bug where typing a server password for a client connection was showing actual characters that are typed, instead of asterisks.
  • Fixed a bug in "One party only" game where the DM possesses hostile creature, then player joins and gets added to hostile creature's party.
  • Fixed a server crash that occurred when saving during a module load, which could occur with autosaves/manual saves when "Reload When Empty" was enabled or during module transitions.
  • Fixed server crash if a script called ExportAllCharacters() when a player was at the character selection screen.
  • Fixed an incorrect result for many of the damage types in Linux due to small differences in floating point math.
  • Fixed 4 memory leaks
  • Fix to an odd spell-casting/emote bug that allowed users to cast multiple spells with only one spell slot used.
  • Added the manual saving controls to the tabbing order on the Windows dedicated server.
  • Fixed a bug where certain player area transitioning during a module transition caused the server to crash.
  • Fixed a bug on the Sound Options page.
  • Detailed error message is now displayed on client when character validation fails.
  • Code added to prevent "more spells" radial from appearing if there were not any more spells. This was preventing all spells from levels 7,8,9 from appearing in radial.
  • Sped up character listings from server to client.

Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset

  • Fixed a .2DA loading issue when a module has a Hak Pak.
  • Added option to turn off environment mapping for creatures and items. This should fix most crashes for ATI users.
  • Fixed a bug with deleting Scripts not fully removing all references to said scripts.
  • Fixed bug where resizing the area so that the Start Location becomes invalid would cause a crash.
  • If the user tries to find a non-existant start location, they get a message.
  • Restricted editing Conversation Options from the conversation editor can only change the conversation options.
  • Test that the jounals in the conversations files are valid when the conversation is loaded into the editor.
  • Conversations have a new default EndConversation script that tries to restart the creature on its waypoint route.
  • Better help text to explain the 'No Permanent Death' checkbox.
  • With one creature selected, a right click over a tile will show a menu to add a pathing waypoint.
  • Selecting a creature will show its waypoint walking path.

Hak Pak Editor

  • Fixed a bug where replacing a resource could cause the Hak Pak to become corrupted.
  • Removed the ability to add .mp3 files to Hak Paks as .mp3 files are not supported by Neverwinter Nights and the ability to add these files was causing confusion.

PLEASE NOTE: The ICB is NOT fixed in the 1.22 patch. The bug was not duplicated before the 1.22 patch was finalized. It will be fixed in the 1.23 patch, barring any crazyness.

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