Review : Antec 80mm TriLight LED Fan

Posted on Tuesday, November 12 2002 @ 13:22 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
PCAbusers has reviewed the shinny Antec 80mm TriLight LED Fan :
am the first to admit I am a newb to the case mod scene, but recently began my journey with the Antec TriLight LED fans. Starting with a standard Antec 1030B tower case, I now have the beginnings of a case that makes non-computer enthusiasts (and also many geeks) shake their heads in puzzlement. What I mean by that is people now take a second look at the case and think "Why in the world did he do THAT?"...."I don't get it"....and..."What's the point?". Well, we all know that the point is to be different (AND make people shake their heads at us) and this fan is a good start.
Shinny, colorded and cooling , what do ya want more? <img src='' alt='' align='absmiddle' BORDER=0>

Review Link : PCAbusers

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