ATI cuts high-end GPU power consumption

Posted on Friday, February 03 2006 @ 20:47 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
ATI said today it has utilized notebook technologies to cut power consumption of its high-end graphics chips, including the Radeon X1800 and Radeon X1900.
When X-bit labs originally measured power consumption of high-end Radeon X1800 XT graphics card back in September, 2005, it was about 112W under maximum recently, the absolute maximum for that time. However, when the measurements were carried out later, the power consumption dropped to slightly below 103W on the same graphics card with the same BIOS version, but on a newer driver.

ATI Technologies has since the launch of the Radeon X1800-series back in October, 2005, introduced new BIOS versions for the graphics cards that decreased clock-speeds when high performance in 3D applications was not required..
More details at X-bit Labs.

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