Intel 24MB dual-core Itanium coming by end of April

Posted on Thursday, February 09 2006 @ 1:30 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
By the end of April, Intel will launch a dual-core Itanium 2 processor with 24MB L2 cache.

Te chip giant will launch for dual-core Montecito processors, named the 9050, 9040, 9030 and the 9020.
The 9050 will be a 1.6GHz chip with 24MB of cache and clock at 1.6GHz. The 9040 will also clock at 1.6GHz but with 18MB of cache, while the 9030 will be at the same speed but with 8MB of cache.

The 9020 will be a 1.42GHz processor with 12MB of cache. Intel will also offer a single core version of the Itanium 2, the 9010, with 6MB of cache, clocking at 1.6GHz.
The processors are priced at $3,650, $1,990, $1,570, $950 and $950 respectively.

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