Gadgets roundup

Posted on Friday, February 10 2006 @ 4:01 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
This week, a pint-sized edition of BT's monthly gadget roundup: lots of teeny tiny gizmos for you to lust after. Including, but not limited to, a Swiss Army knife MP3 player, a USB digital TV receiver and a funky USB drive with built-in Firefox.

"Thumbdrives have now become fairly ubiquitous in our lives. As high capacity, small form factor replacements for the ancient and crusty old floppy disk, they can't be beaten. Want your MP3s on a different machine? Stick 'em on a thumbdrive. Nicking the latest episode of 24 from a mate? Never mind Windows file sharing, this high-capacity Sneakernet is almost certainly more efficient.."

You can check out out over at Bit Tech.

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