ATI graphics cards don't support HDCP fully

Posted on Friday, February 17 2006 @ 22:33 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
DailyTech has a story on the implementation of HDCP on current graphics cards from ATI:
Most of ATI's recent retail products are currently shipping with advertisements claiming that the products are HDCP-ready. On ATI's website, the term HDCP-ready was also used, for example on the X1900 series specifications page. Curiously, ATI's professional products such as FireGL list "HDCP-compliant". We spoke to ATI and asked it why the terminology difference and what the difference was in its view, between compliance and ready. Unfortunately, we did not receive a sound response to that question. In an interesting turn of events, today ATI has begun to silently remove references to HDCP-ready on its consumer products.
You can read more over here.

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