Top 5 stars that may have habitable plants shortlist

Posted on Sunday, February 19 2006 @ 23:46 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
An astronomer from the US compiled a list of 5 stars that most likely harbour intelligent life:

1. Beta CVn
2. HD 10307
3. HD 211 415
4. 18 Sco
5. 51 Pegasus
Several of the criteria she used were related to age.

For stars to be considered in the shortlist, they had to be at least three billion years old - long enough for planets to form and for complex life to develop.

"Fully-formed advanced civilisations don't just spring up overnight. On planet Earth, it took billions of years for civilisation to arise."

Candidate stars also had to have at least 50% of the iron content of the Sun.
More details over here.

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