Review : Impression IM-21 Case

Posted on Sunday, November 17 2002 @ 8:01 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Over at Overclockers Hardware you'll find a review of the Impression IM-21 Case :
Today we're checking out the Impression IM-21, sold by our good buddies at PlainLabelPC. When I first saw a picture of this case, it looked average, A white case with a light blue front. But when I actaully saw the case in person, I was impressed. It looks very different from the picture on Impression's website. Even in my picture you can't see the metallic finish the body has. Its not just a plain white case, it's actually silver with a smooth metallic finish. As for the front, it's not a regular light blue front. There is a piece of acrylic that covers the whole thing, and underneath there is a piece of a textured blue plastic.
Mm is that a Lian Li or a clone?

Review Link : Overclockers Hardware

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