Spyware-removal guide

Note: This article was originally published in 2005 and is now severely outdated.

Spyware is getting nuts out there now. I have finally come up with a cocktail of spyware removers that will eliminate over 95% of your spyware.

First, start with Ad-Aware , a Free program that will help to free up your system a bit until you can run some other spyware programs. Here is the link Ad-Aware there are update for this program every few days so be sure to stay current. If you seem to get a lot of spyware I recommend you run this once a week.

Next Download and run SpyBot Search & Destroy this program is a lot like AdAware. SpyBot has an "immunize" button, under this feature you can block some bad site from downloading spyware into your computer. Like AdAware, there is an update button and new updates are usually available every 2 weeks. Whoops, forgot to mention that this program is free also. SpyBot S&D

Those will take out the majority of your spyware but it won�t get it all. On this site herel you will find several programs to deal with spyware, these may or may not have update features built in the program so bookmark the page and check it every so often for an update.

Yet another Spyware remover. AboutBuster. AboutBuster will help you with ADS and some hard to remove spyware.

If you want block bad site by adding them into your restricted sites download IESpyad here this will block spyware site and well as porn sites.

Last thing you will want to do is to run SpySweeper this program is free to try and 29.95 to buy. When you download this program you will be able to download a spyware.dat file that contains all of the current spyware that this program will remove. After the first download, you will not be able to download it again until you buy it. Unlike all of the above spyware programs, this one is active all the time; it acts as an antivirus program, preventing spyware from getting on your computer. Is well worth the 30 Bucks.

One of the newer anti-spyware programs is Microsoft AntiSpyware. This program is one of the best free anti-spyware solutions on the market. It also features real-time protection.

Another very important note: Don't forget to update your anti-spyware programs on a regular basis! Do it each time before you start scanning, otherwise, they won't find the new crapware.   

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