PNY XLR8 REV RGB DDR4-3600 16GB Memory Kit Review

Posted on 2022-07-11 17:41:33 by Thomas De Maesschalck

"With all of the hype around DDR5 it seems like DDR4 has taken a back seat, but DDR4 is still very widely used and will be supported on Intel's next-generation platform as well. There are still plenty of great DDR4 kits out there and today we are taking a look at PNY's latest in their XLR8 Rev RGB kit. Based on the name this kit will of course have RGB lighting, but we will be taking a look at the MD16GK2D4360018X2RGB kit which is a 16GB (2x8GB) kit running at 3600 MHz with timings of 18-20-20-40 at 1.35V. Is this the DDR4 kit you need? Read on as we find out!"

Link: ThinkComputers

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