FlexiSpot C7 Ergonomic Office Chair Review

Posted on 2023-12-26 19:27:40 by Thomas De Maesschalck

"I've said it time and time again, if you are sitting at your computer for hours at a time you should really invest in a good computer chair. If you have a bad or uncomfortable chair you could be doing some real damage to your body and no one want to be uncomfortable when they are doing work or trying to get that headshot in their favorite game. There are a ton of different chairs out there from gaming chairs to ergonomic chairs so it is hard to know which chair is going to be right for you. After using gaming chairs for quite a while I have ended up preferring ergonomic chairs. Today we are taking a look at one such chair, the FlexiSpot C7. This chair is relatively affordable, has a self-adaptive lumbar support, breathable mesh, and quite a lot of adjustment options. Let's take a look!"

Link: ThinkComputers

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