ECS LIVA Z5 Plus Mini-PC Review

Posted on 2024-02-09 19:03:28 by Thomas De Maesschalck

Article Snippet: " The ECS LIVA Z5 Plus has impressed us quite a bit in terms of performance, operating silently even when higher load levels are implied. Not long ago we have tried out the Shuttle DC40U5 with the i5-1235U, while the LIVA Z5 Plus does incorporate the i5-1335U. The newer Raptor Lake-U SoC is more optimized but that is not all which explains the notable increased performance: ECS has configured their SKU with a package power of 20W in Full Load, with peaks of 39.1W, while on the Shuttle system we do see a maximum package power of 15W in Full Load, with peaks of just 17.8W, explaining the main difference in clocks, especially for the Performance cores. "

Link: Madshrimps

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