KOSS KTX Pro 1 Stereo Phones Review

Posted on 2005-09-04 19:56:08 by LSDsmurf

Headphones have been around for quite some time, and have shot to fame in recent decades ever since the 1950's. At first restricted to the recording studio or for home use, headphones have become a rather common item in today's world of computers, walkmans and portable DVD players - and are probably the most economical way of listening to any sort of audio playback, arugably with better quality than a standard set of speakers. Today, a pair of headphones by the Milwaukee-based manufacturer KOSS have been made available to CyberwizardPit; let us further explore the product in greater detail, and what it has to offer.

Link: Cyberwizardpit

KOSS KTX Pro 1 Stereo Phones

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