Darwinia Review

Posted on 2005-09-05 23:31:35 by LSDsmurf

PC Review have a review of a unique and cult gaming title called Darwinia - which combines old school retro graphics with a cutting edge feel.

"This simplistic set of visuals hides a quite difficult game to explain away in a handful of sentences. The most obvious relative when it comes to the control system would be that old classic, Cannon Fodder. Utilising your left mouse button to move around, and the right to unleash a volley of fire. But Darwinia has much more depth than this likening can show. Actually finding yourself with units to control requires you to instigate various programs, utilising the task manger to draw various gestures. In game action really does merely consist of predominantly utilising the mouse gesture system to create your required units, and simply pointing and clicking the direction in which to move and fire."

Link: PC Review

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