GN Netcom GN 6210 Bluetooth Headset Review

Posted on 2005-09-08 14:50:49 by LSDsmurf

I am a big fan of the GN 6210’s form factor; it is comfortable, and works very well. The half moon design is quite comfortable; having the rubber earbud placed within your ear makes calls seem much more audible at the same volume as other headsets without earbuds. The microphone works absolutely fine in its sub-lobe location, rendering obsolete the need for an extended boom... Overall, the headset / base are very solid pieces of equipment. While the overall price is higher than that of some other Bluetooth headsets, the convenience of being able to pair to a landline might definitely be worth the extra investment, especially for those who spend most of the working day on the phone. Highly recommended for anyone looking to dabble in the world of wireless ear-based technology.

Link: XYZ Computing

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