Nikon D50 Review

Posted on 2005-09-13 00:48:47 by LSDsmurf

Doug from Pocket Lint took a look at Nikon's D50 digital SLR camera. Here's a blurb from his test report:

Anyone considering getting into digital SLR photography today, but lacks the budget of a top professional, now has more options than ever to choose between. Canon’s EOS 350D, Konica Minolta’s 5D entry and Pentax’s *ist DS are all ‘budget’ D-SLRs offering enthusiast snappers a previously undreamt-of-at-the-price range of kit. The Nikon D50 steps into the fray and comes hard on the heels of the D70s, the company’s update of the D70, itself a camera that broke new ground in terms of ‘budget’ D-SLRs. The new model looks very similar to the D70s utilising a similar 3000x2008-pixel, (6.1MP effective) resolution CCD and 12-bit A/D conversion..

Link: Pocket Lint

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