Asus Extreme N6600GT Silencer Review

Posted on 2005-09-20 11:19:41 by LSDsmurf

What really sets the video card apart is of course Asus' new Silent Cool cooling solution, using multiple heatsinks, one main one and two others in addition to a heatpipe. The heat from the GPU is spread via the heatpipe and a huge heatsink on the GPU with a unique fin design and positioning of the heatpipe on top of the actual card it directs heat away from the GPU. As one can see, it's quite large on the frame of the 6600GT but we didn't have any problems using it and it also can be swiveled out 90 degrees to avoid interference with other cards. Asus apparently will also have an additional cooling module add on that will reduce temperatures by another six degrees. In testing, much like their claims the Asus card ran about 55-60 degrees Celsius when the video card wasn't stressed and when it was around 70 degrees. Touching it was warm, but not as hot as many other silent cooling solutions we have seen. Asus has some additional diagrams at their site on this.

Link: AMDZone

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