ECS PF21 Extreme Motherboard Review

Posted on 2005-09-21 22:48:15 by LSDsmurf

We have to admit that we began this review with low expectations, since ECS was never known as a maker of high quality motherboards. Furthermore, the company was known for the low quality of its products and their lack of reliability. Gladly, we were surprised to discover that not only did ECS manage to get rid of its bad reputation with the rich bundle and the design of the board, but it also managed to produce a motherboard with good performance and flawless compatibility. There's no doubt that ECS, as a motherboard manufacturer, has completely changed its image and we can no longer refer to it as a company that makes low-end / low quality products - ECS is now absolutely mainstream. If we were to compare the "new" ECS to any other company on the market, we'd compare it to Gigabyte, a company that focuses on features instead of extreme performance. In fact, Gigabyte, that has become in the past few years the only motherboard maker that sells high quality components for a competitive price, is being directly challenged by ECS, since today's average consumer is more aware of his choices..

Link: HWZone

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