Corsair vs OCZ Value 512MB DDR400 Cas 2.5 Memory Shootout Review

Posted on 2005-09-24 10:41:49 by LSDsmurf

AMDZone has posted a comparison of the value lines from Corsair and OCZ. We have focused on 512MB DDR400 Cas 2.5 parts. They compare performance at stock speeds as well as overclocked to see what bang for your buck you can get for around $50.

Memory is one of the most important components when are building out a system. You want stability, and some dodgy sticks can ruin your day. Do you have to pay a premium on ultra low timing high clocked memory to get solid performance and stability? Certainly not for DDR400 which has been the standard from JEDEC for longer than I would like to think. There are loads of options for 512MB DDR400 sticks near the $50 mark that will do just fine for many installations, and if you are lucky they just might overclock well past their rated speed.

To test this week picked up a couple of sticks from fierce competitors Corsair and OCZ each for just under $50 to see how they stacked up performance-wise, and with overclocking.

Link: AMDZone

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