SilenX LUXURAE Hard Drive Silencing Solution Review

Posted on 2005-09-27 18:41:30 by LSDsmurf

This is an off wall item, it may not interest some but others will be intrigued. With hard drives becoming bigger and faster comes the sound of them screaming at high rpm's. Some drives are louder than others, that's where this product comes in. Like with the fans I just reviewed recently, this is made to aid your machine in being silent. I was taken back with the fans being able to perform as well as they did, and still keep my system running cool and now silent. I'm sure there are a good bit of people interested in this, as a lot of people are looking to water cooling for both high performance and lowering the noise from their system.

Link: ThinkComputers

SilenX LUXURAE Hard Drive Silencing Solution

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