Motorola C261 Review

Posted on 2005-09-28 00:52:29 by LSDsmurf

Motorola C261 is a sign model, as for the first time the principle of "three meters" is used in a low-end phone. This Motorola's principle can be shortly described as phone's recognizability in a user's hands in a distance of three meters. We can easily assign this feature to a high-end model, like Motorola RAZR. Later the company created models for other segments as well following this principle. And SLVR, L2, and L6 are much different from other models on the market. However till today we couldn't say the principle was used for low-end models, Motorola C115/C116 do even pretend on unique design. The low-end segment has the main problem of artificially worsened material quality to make the appearance plainer, and make a high demanding user chose a more expensive handset.. Read more about this phone over at's full test report.

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