Abit NI8-SLI Motherboard Review

Posted on 2005-09-28 01:33:27 by LSDsmurf

NVIDIA first entered the motherboard market with the nForce chipset back in 2001 and nowadays they are the number one provider of AMD motherboard chipsets on the market. Late last year NVIDIA released the nForce4 SLI chipset allowing motherboards to use 2 video cards in unison to improve performance over a single card. Recently, NVIDIA has also entered the Intel market with their nForce4 SLI for Intel chipset, which has proved to be quite popular. ABIT is one of the leading manufacturers of computer components in the world and known for being a friend to the enthusiasts and overclocker. Based in Taiwan, ABIT manufactures motherboards, video cards, mini-PCs (DigiDice) and other computer components. Founded in 1989, ABIT is an old hat in the computer industry, older than NVIDIA (1993), and older than Microsoft Windows 95 (1994)...

Link: Motherboards.org

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