Zalman NCPS7700-Cu Cooler Review

Posted on 2005-10-17 21:06:27 by LSDsmurf

Just how big is the CNPS7700-Cu? Try 5.5-inch in diameter! It's also 2.6-inch tall and weighs in at, hold on to your hat, 918 grams! This exceeds the maximum weight for an Intel P4 cooler over 100%! Special care should be taken when moving a computer equipped with CNPS7700-Cu as Zalman Tech is not responsible for any damage that may occurs when moving the computer. The CNPS7700-Cu is so big that Zalman has a List of Motherboards that will not fit on this cooler!

Link: TheTechZone

Zalman NCPS7700-Cu Cooler

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