Danger Den Acetal Maze4 GPU Block Review

Posted on 2005-10-18 22:16:16 by LSDsmurf

Overall, the Danger Den Acetal Maze4 GPU water block is performing very well during in the testing section. The package includes all the necessary components for proper assembly. Furthermore, it was totally silent during the operation. The installation was very simple, just took about few minutes is able to install the Maze4 GPU water block on to the VGA card. But, it does not bundle with any RAM sink for the VGA RAM. So, the recommended Ramsinks to purchase is the OCZ Copper BGA Ramsinks. Anyway, the retail price for the Acetal Maze4 GPU block is at US $44.95 which is a very affordable price and the 8 pieces of OCZ Copper BGA Ramsink is at US $18.99.

Link: Techniz

Danger Den Acetal Maze4 GPU Block

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