OCZ DDR2 PC2-4200 Value Pro Review

Posted on 2005-10-31 13:14:11 by LSDsmurf

Quality ram should not mean a month's paycheck. We look at some "budget" ram that offers good quality and performance.

"What can I say, this is some serious RAM, you can find it online for less than $100 for a 1GB kit. With some mild tweaking you got from some decent priced PC 4200 value RAM to some REALLY decent priced PC5400. Every once in a while a product comes along that gives you WAY more bang for the buck than you expect, like the ti series NVIDIA cards, the JIUHB XP 1700 and the ABIT NF7-s motherboard. You mention any of those products to an enthusiast and it brings a smile to their faces."

Link: Viper's Lair

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