Cooljag SFO-D(18SC) Skived Copper Opteron Heatsink Review

Posted on 2005-11-03 23:55:41 by LSDsmurf

The Cooljag SFO-D(18SC) is a heavy one piece skived copper heatsink intended for use with AMD Athlon64 and Opteron processors. Its thick copper base and tall 58mm tall fins add up to 732 grams worth of heatsink, a weight that requires a special set of mounting hardware which is included with the heatsink. A high speed 6800RPM Delta fan is set on its side so that air is blown tangentially to the fins, moving about 38CFM air in the process. The Cooljag SFO-D(18SC) pays no attention towards doing all of this quietly, and according to measurements made in the FrostyTech sound isolating chamber it makes a 64dBA racket in the process.

Link: Frostytech

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