iRiver T10 Review

Posted on 2005-11-05 02:07:22 by LSDsmurf

Shipping has begun for the iRiver T10 series of MP3 players, now famously known as the first flash-based players to support subscription-based downloads. Available in 512MB (red) or 1GB (blue) capacities, the chunky iRiver T10 boasts a color screen and most of the features found in iRiver's popular 700/800 series. Listed at $200 for the 1GB and $150 for the 512MB, the T10 is a tad pricey, but it's currently one of only a handful of flash players (including the budget-conscious iRiver T30 series and the SanDisk Sansa m200 series) that will work with Napster To Go, Yahoo Music Unlimited, and Rhapsody To Go.. Head on to CNET's full test report to learn more about this digital audio player from iRiver..

Link: CNET

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