ASUS Extreme N7800GT/2DHTV Review

Posted on 2005-11-05 15:36:49 by LSDsmurf

The GeForce 7800 GT graphics card NVIDIA announced on August 11, 2005, proved to be a very appealing and unique product with performance just a little lower than that of the senior GeForce 7800 GTX model, with support of Shader Model 3.0 and HDR, and with an MSRP of $449. But it has recently got a dangerous opponent, ATI RADEON X1800 XL, which appears to be a better product, at least in some aspects. In this review the Extreme N7800GT/2DHTV graphics card, an ASUS version of the GeForce 7800 GT, is going to prove its worth against the ATI challenger.. Head on to X-bit Labs to learn more about this video card..

Link: X-bit Labs

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