Jou Jye 480W SLi PSU Review

Posted on 2005-11-09 21:10:50 by LSDsmurf

I would recommend the JJ-480AUBA to those who do not overclock their SLi rig and do not have an army of peripherals to go along with it. Business users who put a lot of hard disks and RAID disks might also find this PSU useful because the high PFC rating and stable power output. Other than that, those who want a PSU good enough to power their SLi rigs without drawing or wasting additional power, this should warrant your serious consideration. Users who don't suffer from overheating problems should also consider purchasing this PSU. The Jou Jye JJ-480AUBA is also great for those who love silent computing as its fan is so silent you wonder if its even switched on!

Link: PCModdingMy

Jou Jye 480W SLi PSU

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