Nikon Coolpix P1 Review

Posted on 2005-11-13 02:55:55 by LSDsmurf

The Nikon Coolpix P1, together with its smaller brother the Coolpix P2, is the world's first digital camera with built-in wireless communication for the consumer market. Wait a minute, I can already imagine you thinking about the Kodak EasyShare-One camera... Well; it has wireless features, but not built-in. To be able to communicate wirelessly the Kodak camera needs a flash card with integrated wireless functions. A more expensive solution, than the Wi-Fi module built in the camera like the new Coolpix P1. We have had a pre-production model of the Coolpix P1 for a short while in our office so Letsgodigital took some time to create a preview for you.

Link: Letsgodigital

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