Asus N7800 GT Review

Posted on 2005-11-23 01:33:01 by LSDsmurf

We've posted our review of the rather unimpresive Asus N7800 GT . The card is just a standard 7800 GT with blue pcb and a new (and noisy) cooler for a very high price. Here's a quote:

"The version of the card which we have for review cannot even be found on the market right now though, and we're almost grateful for it as we can only imagine what the implications of the different (and arguably more attractive) appearance would be on the cards price.

Asus have always charged a premium for their video cards, so this comes as no suprise really, but it's unfortunate nonetheless. They make fantastic motherboards and notebooks among other things, but we feel that their efforts in elevating the Asus brand name to premium class status in the video card segment are misplaced. Then again, a Lexus is just a Toyota, and there are undoubtedly many people who like brand uniformity inside their systems, and so for them the price differential doesn't equate to much."

Link: Neoseeker

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