Lian Li PC-V880 HTPC Case Review

Posted on 2005-11-29 14:11:07 by LSDsmurf

The Overclocker Cafe has posted a review of the latest HTPC case from Lian Li. Sporting two externally accessible 5.25" bays, the PC-V880 looks to address HTPC case needs from a practical standpoint as much as an aesthetic one. Here's a snip from their review.

Lian Li's PC-V880 will find a huge following in the HTPC crowd. It has a features and flash to please the most discriminating of users. Some of the most notable of its features is the value of two externally accessible bays which cannot be overstated. When you need to do disc to disc burning a single bay case won't do and will have you fussing in no time. The smart and compact layout as well as the high level of construction quality show you that this case is a Lian Li and worthy of all you have heard before.

Link: Overclockerscafe

Lian Li PC-V880 HTPC Case

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