Simpledrive Mini 4GB microdrive Review

Posted on 2006-01-02 18:45:25 by LSDsmurf

A MICRODRIVE used to be expensive, very expensive. Now, the competition with flash memory based devices and the appearance of new players in the storage market has made microdrive prices plummet. Simpletech decided to enter the microdrives market and give the flash thumb drives some competition with its Simpledrive Mini, which at around $119 greenbacks at time of this writing is still $40 cheaper than a comparable compactflash-format Microdrive (like this one from Hitachi), and $157 greenbacks cheaper than a $276, 4 GB compactflash card from Sandisk. Head over to The Inq to learn more about this four gigabyte micro drive.

Link: The Inquirer

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