Palm Treo 700w Review

Posted on 2006-01-08 01:38:31 by LSDsmurf

The Treo 700w is tough device for us to review. From what perspective should one look at it? Compare it to the 650? Compare it other Windows Mobile devices? Just focus on the pure usability aspects without using a specific reference? We feel that the 700w is a great machine. Sure, there are some things that needs improvement (more consistent 5-way support, less tapping to accomplish actions, threaded SMS... more on it later), but we have to remember that this is Palm’s first experience with Windows Mobile. As expected, the hardware being on the 6th generation is excellent; it is the software that needs some additional usability tweaking.. Read on over at's full review to learn more about this Windows Mobile 5.0 based smartphone from Palm.

Link: Treo Central

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