AMD Athlon64-FX60 Review

Posted on 2006-01-10 13:12:30 by LSDsmurf

Whichever way one may look at things, whether it was the somewhat misguided Netburst architecture that undermined Intel's leading position, or whether it was purely and simply the engineering prowess leading to the Athlon64 design with its scalable HyperTransport interface and, more importantly, the integration of the memory controller on the CPU die, none of this matters anymore. What matters is that there is a superior concept that took the enthusiast and gamer communities by storm and caused a domino effect in the white box and finally the large OEM community. With the last Intel-exclusive bastion in the form of Dell finally succumbing to market demands, every single OEM of name and rank finally offers AMD-powered platforms.

Link: Lost Circuits

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