Apple iMac Core Duo Review

Posted on 2006-01-22 21:04:17 by LSDsmurf

Here's a review of the new iMac from Mac In Touch, overall they seem to be pleased with it. It offers a good performance and is very quiet, they say. Many old applications are compatible, but unfortunately the Rosetta emulation technology doesn't support many peripheral drivers. Here's a snip: "The iMac is based around Intel's latest CPU, the "Core Duo". This processor has two "cores", or central processing units, on one chip, so the iMac is effectively a dual-processor machine, just like Apple's Power Macs. The Core Duo has a huge 2-MB cache to access recent code and data very quickly. While 2 MB isn't exceptional in the PowerPC world, it's huge in Intel world and surely pays a large role in the Core Duo's sheer speed — much as the PowerPC G3's impressive speed came largely from its fast cache. (As a side note, in theory, a cache shared between cores should be less efficient than dedicated cores, but the dual core G5s show no performance hit.)"

Link: Mac in Touch

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