MasterReplicas Aliens Motion Tracker Review

Posted on 2006-01-24 00:34:04 by LSDsmurf

Ever need to hunt some Aliens down? Wish you had the Motion Tracker from the Aliens movie so you could get them before they get you!? Well now you CAN have one! It may not help you hunt down Aliens since it can't really track motion, but it might make you a God among Sci-Fi movie fans!
This is the Aliens Motion Tracker from MasterReplicas, known best for their Star Wars FX Light Sabers,but they make replicas from many other movies as well. Today we take a detailed look at their Aliens prop that many people don't know about. (especially the functioning screen with movie sound effects) SWEET.

Link: Tech Absorbed

MasterReplicas Aliens Motion Tracker

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